About us

Eastside was founded to provide a safe and nurturing environment for New Jersey’s up and coming generations of top performers. Everyone at Eastside, from its dancers, families, staff and administration form a beautiful, loving family; Holding each other with the upmost respect and compassion, welcoming acceptance and great partnership. Our prestigious faculty, along with our rigorous curriculum and challenging, innovative dance techniques, will motivate our students to push past limitless boundaries, discovering their true passion for dance. Our dancers will master the commitment, integrity and creativity it takes to unlock one’s highest potential. We will strive to influence our dancers to be leaders not only on the dance platform, but in every aspect of their lives. We will achieve this by instilling in them necessary skills and lessons they will be able to implement beyond their years at Eastside. Our dedicated artists understand they hold the key to their own success... and we here at Eastside Dance allow them to discover their artistry through enrichment, excellence and encouragement of their own unique talents and skills.

Our Teachers

Yolanda Paredes

Studio Owner

Eddie Lopez

Co-Artistic Director